Curt Thurman, DVM

Rebecca Buraglio, DVM

Dr. Buraglio began her love of caring for animals at a young age growing up on a farm in central Illinois.  Her father helped develop this love by teaching her to respect and care for all creatures.  Her academic career started as a undergraduate at the University of Illinois majoring in Animal Science.  As an undergraduate she developed an interest in animal behavior and started caring for wildlife at the Wildlife Medical Clinic.  Moving on to veterinary school at the University of Illinois Dr. Buraglio continued to be active in the Wildlife Medical Clinic, and became active in the Behavior Club.  She was also the student director of the C.A.R.E. Helpline.  She currently lives in Savoy with her husband Nick and her two boys, Luke and Zach.  Her family also consists of one golden retrievers (Lincoln) and four cats (Mary Catherine, Josie, Pancake, and Emmett).  She continues to have a special interest in animal behavior and loves spending time with her two boys and her dog Lincoln.  She loves working at Caring Hands Animal Hospital and has been here for 12 years.




Gigi has worked at Caring Hands Animal Hospital since June of 1995 and is currently our office manger.  She grew up in the small town of Homer and currently lives in Urbana.  Gigi is busy playing with her two dogs and cuddling with her four cats.  Gigi is always busy with work, her home life, and her pet sitting business.  She has been pet sitting since she was twelve years old.  We all enjoy hearing her pet sitting stories and how much she still enjoys it herself.  In her free time she loves to read and travel to warmer climates.



Nancy is the head veterinary technician at Caring Hands Animal Hospital and has worked here since FullSizeRender1999.  She loves working as a veterinary technician and enjoys it today as much as she did when she started.  Nancy lives in Mahomet with her husband Matt and her two children Kate and Will.  Her family also includes four playful cats.  She volunteers at the University of Illinois Wildlife Medical Clinic and is a part of a team training their new resident bald eagle, River.  This leaves her with little time for hobbies but enjoys spending time with her friends and family.







Angela started at Caring Hands Animal in August 2010.  She moved to Champaign after graduating highFullSizeRender school to start Parkland College intending on getting her veterinary technician degree.  We saw her talent as a part time staff member and we offered her a full time job.  Luckily she loved her job and stayed with us.  She lives in Urbana with her daughter Madison.  She also has fur kids including three dogs, three cats, her sun conure, and two rats.  She provides excellent care and a great environment for each and every one of them.





Christina is a veterinary technician at Caring Hands Animal Hospital and has been with us since 2000.  Her nickname is “Birdie”.  She enjoys her job and takes great interest in many of our patients here.  She lives in Rankin with her husband Denny who is also an animal lover.  She cares for four dogs, seven cats, and two turtles at home.




We love our part time staff too!


 Lauren and Sophia